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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Anorexia Nervosa -> Anorexia Causas

Anorexia Nervosa -> Anorexia Causas: "

Anorexia Resources

What is Anorexia
By Keith George

Self induced emotional eating disorder characterized by persistent loss of appetite is called anorexia. Excessive consciousness toward weight loss, counting calories and excessive exercises can lead to a severe emotional eating disorder called anorexia.

Some diagnosing signs and symptoms of anorexia are:

- Excessive consideration to become thinner and thinner.

- Misperception of body shape and weight.

- Fear of body weight gain and fat.

Persons suffering from anorexia do not feel the danger of denying food. Calories, food, weight, fat grams and weight management are the most important factors of a person’s life with anorexia.

What are the signs and symptoms of anorexia?

People who have anorexia love to live in secrecy so that no one can know about their condition. In this situation, it is very hard for doctors to properly diagnose them and treat them.

Some of the common symptoms of anorexia are:

• Dramatic weight loss.

• Excessive consciousness about figure and body image.

• Regular skipping of meals.

• Mostly eat selective foods, which are low in fat and calories.

• Good cook but try to avoid meal.

• Usually wear loose clothes to hide thinness.

• Strong exercise regimen.

• Skip social gatherings, especially dinner or lunch parties.

• In males decreased libido and in females irregular menstrual periods.

What are the types of an"

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